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Ways to boost bookings – Which aren’t lowering your prices!

Posted: Tue, 30th May 2023

If you find you have some time between stays, it’s a great opportunity to do a walk through of your property and look at ways to boost bookings that could have a big impact on your occupancy. There are also some potential additions and changes which could make your property stand out in a busy market and appeal to different types of holiday makers.

Meeting, and exceeding, guest expectations will build up a collection of fantastic reviews which helps build trust with potential bookers. How many times have you stayed somewhere, and you have to use a soup spoon to stir your tea or had to use your selfie camera as a mirror? By themselves, these aren’t big problems, but when they start to mount up your impression of the property can be impacted.

Wouldn’t you much rather find a coffee pod in the machine waiting for you, a soft blanket over the arm of the sofa to snuggle up in and the smell of freshly picked flowers? Covering all the basics and making sure everything is perfect as it can be, will stop any bad reviews in their tracks. Read on for more ways to boost bookings.

On arrival

Before we start, you’ll need to put yourself in the mindset of a holiday maker. Imagine you’ve just driven up from London (as a lot of our guests do!) and you pull up to park.

Settling in

You get the keys, unlock the door and step into what will be your holiday home for the next few days. The first things people tend to do after dropping luggage off in their rooms is connect to the WiFi and make a hot drink.

Kitchen consolidation

While you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, have a bit of a rummage through the kitchen drawers. Is everything there that you’d expect?

Putting your feet up

Take your drink through to the living room and get comfortable on the sofa. People book a holiday cottage so they have their own space and can spread out more than you can in a hotel. It’s their home away from home and it needs to be a relaxing space with everything they need.

It’s all in the details

Looking around you, pay attention to all the finer details. When you stay away you tend to criticise small imperfections more than you would in your own home, we’re a fussy breed! What might seem like small details that aren’t worth considering can make a big difference.

Bed time

Heading upstairs to the bedrooms at the end of the day, guests expect to have an uninterrupted sleep in luxuriously soft bedding. It should be a serene retreat where they forget about the stresses of daily life.

Outside opportunities

In the morning, take your breakfast out into the garden, hopefully it’s a nice day! Being in the countryside away from big cities is the real draw of the Cotswolds and guests love to get out and about, enjoying walks or just dining al fresco at their cottage. It’s really worth making the most of your outside space.

Water works

Heading back inside it’s time to think of some of the practicalities. In an ideal world a property would have a bathroom per bedroom, but this is unachievable in a lot of situations. It is important to make sure that enough facilities are provided though.

Who’s who?

When you’re considering what could be updated, it’s worth bearing in mind what kind of groups book your property.

Dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s

Before you leave your property with a to-do list that you’d like to work on, there are a few final tweaks that can expand your booking potential.

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of your cottage walk through!

Once you’ve worked through any improvements you want to make it can be a great idea to get a friend to stay and put your property through its paces. Make sure they’re an honest friend! And, of course, there’s no point in putting in all this hard work if nobody gets to see it. Book in a new photography visit and a description rewrite, so we can make sure your property is being advertised to its full potential.

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