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How to lower costs for holiday homeowners

Posted: Tue, 8th Nov 2022
lower costs for holiday homeowners

The increase in the cost of living in the UK is a hot topic at the moment, so we’ve looked at a number of ways to show how to lower costs for holiday homeowners and reduce the running costs of a holiday let. This in turn makes your holiday home more profitable but does not compromise the experience your guests receive. It would be easy to think the best option is simply to raise your prices. However, rental rates have already been raised through the challenges of supply and demand over the last few years. Raising prices still further runs the risk of reducing the appeal of a holiday cottage, which is not what you want to happen.

There are a number of costs associated with running a holiday let which cannot be avoided. Below are a few suggestions to help make changes and lower costs.

Energy efficiency

It’s almost impossible to control how much energy your guests use, however you can ensure that your holiday let is as energy efficient as possible. This can range from very simple changes such as LED lighting and energy-saving bulbs to installing solar panels. One of the most popular ways to keep an eye on things is to invest in a Smart or remote heating control, such as a Hive Thermostat. This is an excellent way to monitor usage and manage heating costs without being intrusive.

Turn the thermostat down

Turning the thermostat down by just one degree can make big savings. One degree is also unlikely to be noticed by your guests unless your house is particularly chilly. There’s plenty of conversation around whether it is more cost-efficient to leave your heating on low all day or only turn it on when you use it. The Energy Saving Trust concludes that you should only turn your heating on when required.

Provide logs

If you own a property with a wood burner or an open fireplace, consider providing a supply of wood for your guests. Ideally, a supply that covers the duration of their stay. Guests who stay warm and toasty by lighting a fire, are much less likely to keep turning on the heating, and it’s more cost-effective for you as an owner.

Thermal curtains and soft furnishings

It might sound old-fashioned but having thermal-lined curtains at windows and doors is a foolproof way to ensure heat stays in the house. This is particularly relevant if you have an old or listed building with single glazing. The amount of heat lost through windows and poorly fitting doors is phenomenal. Consider adding a couple of throws to sofas, chairs and beds. During the winter months, this also encourages that warm and cosy feeling guests will be looking for.

Install energy-efficient appliances

Whilst energy-efficient appliances generally cost more initially, they are a great way to save costs. Washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers are the most sought-after, in-demand and most used facilities in a holiday let.

General maintenance

Keep on top of general maintenance and make sure little things are dealt with quickly. This ensures they don’t turn into bigger, more expensive issues.

Warm bedding

Now is the time to reinvest in warm duvets and bedding for your guests. You could even provide toasty hot water bottles; they are inexpensive to buy and add a little touch of nostalgia.


Whilst the savings may not be huge, if you have a property with lots of appliances and devices, ensure they are switched off at the socket when not in use. If you use a housekeeper, this is something they can easily check when doing the house changeovers.

Use Bolthole Retreats

By using Bolthole Retreats we save you time and money. Our responsibility covers the marketing and promotion of your property, we secure the sales and deal with all the pre and post-booking questions that may arise. Leaving you free to focus your efforts elsewhere. We have also negotiated a range of exclusive discounts with quality suppliers for our owners and offer complimentary interior design advice.

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