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2022 travel trends

Posted: Wed, 1st Dec 2021
Cotswold Life, Bolthole Retreats

Here at Bolthole Retreats, we like to keep our finger on the pulse of market trends within the travel industry. Looking to external reports and our own data from 2021, we have compiled five travel trends that we see moving into 2022.

Vacations from workations

While working from home saw us bring back a healthy work-life-balance, there is a cause now to holiday for holidays-sake. There is no doubt that travel aids mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing, so it is all the more crucial to ensure that business doesn’t mix too much with leisure. To take control of their wellbeing, we foresee guests shifting their focus from high-strength Wifi and dedicated office spaces in properties to instead completely switch off and immerse themselves in the destination, looking for amenities that help with their relaxation and enjoyable hobbies.

New places, not just new faces

We all enjoyed returning to our favourite places and haunts, meeting with friends and family we hadn’t seen for ages. We gathered a deeper appreciation for local businesses on our doorsteps and opened our eyes to the opportunities close by. Now we are seeing guests want to try something new. People who have never visited the Cotswolds are enquiring, and people who have only one seen one part of it are now asking where to go next. There is a surge of interest in trying new things, seeing new places, and perhaps, making new favourites.

A hop across the pond

We have seen a huge increase in the number of 2022 enquiries from overseas visitors. Remaining confident and pragmatic, these conversations with overseas travellers are sharing the common trend of ‘longer is better’ – if you are to travel, then you might as well take advantage of it fully. Longer stays, multiple activities… it’s all about the experience of a holiday and ensuring you have enough time for action as well as relaxation. This is one of the reasons we are delighted to be continuing our Cotswold Experiences, partnering with local businesses and showcasing the very best of the authentic Cotswolds. There’s an experience out there for everyone!

Honest pricing

There are still some big-ticket trips that people are looking to take – delayed celebrations and sudden urges to book the holiday you’ve always dreamed about. However, with some uncertainty still at the fringes of everyone’s vision, people are being careful with their money and want to ensure they get the best deal. That works for us – one of the biggest factors of Bolthole Retreats is that we’re all local in the team, and understand when local demand peaks and falls, due to events and seasonal attractions. That means we always ensure the best price for the guest, and for our owner. We don’t price dynamically – we price honestly.

Pack those bags (again!)

There is still demand, locally and globally, for holidays. Many called 2021 the “year of the staycation”, implying that it would fizzle out afterwards, but that doesn’t mean it was the end. Almost two-thirds of people state they would book either the same number of holidays or more in 2022. So our owners can rest assured that demand will continue, and guests can enjoy more variety as we constantly strive to add more unique properties to our exclusive collection, offering the most and delivering even more.  

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